Baguette Bags

Baguette Bags

Baguette Bags: An Icon from Fendi


In the past years, different bag styles have been introduced by various designers, and they gained popularity all over the globe. Through the years, even with the emergence of new styles and trends, many of these bag models have remained hard to match. Among others, the baguette bags are amongst the most iconic that have been introduced. These compact and small light bags have been introduced in the late 1990s and have been dubbed as the “It Bag”. It has been made more popular with its appearances in the hit television series Sex and the City. Up to this day, this bag is still considered as an icon by many fashion-forward women.


The Beginnings of Baguette Bags


The baguette bags are made by Silvia Fendi and were first introduced in the market in 1997. Prior to its introduction, Fendi has been struggling with the competition. Their sales are dropping, which is basically because of the intensity in the competitive landscape. For instance, Nathalie Hambro has been creating handmade bags with artistic works. This has provided Fendi with the idea of coming up with a designer handbag that is one-of-a-kind. This has given birth to the iconic baguette bags. Until now, such bag is still popular, and many are considering it as one of the best designer bags of all time.


The Anatomy of Baguette Bags


If there is one thing that many people liked about baguette bags, it would be the fact that one is different from the other. Each bag has its own character and users will be able to choose one that best embodies their personality. There are more than 600 design options, with differences in colors and materials that are used. This compact, streamlined bag has been a welcomed alternative in a time wherein many of the designer bags were large totes and almost identical.


However, one feature that is similar among all baguette bags that have been introduced through the years is their shape. They are all rectangular and small. The strap has just the right length to make the bag hang just under the arms, making it look like a baguette. The latter is basically where it got its name. Another thing that is the same across all baguette bags is the double F logo, which interlocks with each other to create a clasp.


The minimalist structure of baguette bags is one of its biggest selling platforms. It is simple, yet it can command attention. Over the years, it has been introduced with variations in designs, such as having crystals and sequins. Materials such as crocodile skin and snakeskin have also been used to give the bag a more distinctive appeal. In spite of these minor variations, baguette bags have stayed true to its roots, making it truly an icon of style.