Fendi Micro Baguette Cross-body Bag: For the Fashion-Forward Woman

Fendi Micro Baguette Cross-body Bag

Fendi, a brand from Italy, is known for introducing the baguette bag. From the time that such style has been introduced in the market, it became a staple in the closet of stylish women all over the globe. To pay tribute to the iconic baguette, through the years, different variations in materials and designs have been introduced. One of the best picks from their product line is the Fendi Micro Baguette Fur-Embellished Cross-Body Bag. Available in white, black, and pink, you can choose which color is perfect for your overall sense of style.


Dare To Be Different


One of the things that we loved about the Fendi Micro Baguette Fur-Embellished Cross-Body Bag is its one-of-a-kind design. It is whimsical, which is why it is sure to attract attention. Depending on the color that you will choose, the embellishments in the bag will surely add a touch of quirky attitude to your fashion. The micro baguette bag is available in three colors, but they all share the same design features. The main difference lies on the colors of the embellishments that are found in the bag. Each micro baguette comes with leather flower feature at the center and monster eyes with rabbit fur and crystal. The classic Fendi logo is incorporated on the metal clasp of the micro baguette. With this imaginative design, this is, in fact, a classic reimagined and designed to suit the changing times.


Wear It With Versatility


The Fendi Micro Baguette Fur-Embellished Cross-Body Bag is also impressive because it can be worn in a manner that is versatile. There is a silver tone metal handle on the top if you want to carry it by hand. On the other hand, it also comes with a detachable leather strap, which can also be adjusted based on the length that is personally preferred. When the top handle and leather straps are removed, it can be used as a clutch bag. Given its versatility, you can have an inventive style every time the bag is worn.


Compact without Compromising Space


The mere fact that this is a micro baguette should not give you a reason to think that it is not space-efficient. In fact, given its size, it is quite surprising that there is lot of room for the things that you have. There are two internal compartments in the Fendi Micro Baguette Fur-Embellished Cross-Body Bag, as well as two leather slots for cards.


In sum, the Fendi Micro Baguette Fur-Embellished Cross-Body Bag is an excellent choice for women who would love to show off an imaginative look. It is an iconic Fendi bag that is given a new twist to suit the modern times.


Author: Tina

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