Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags

The History of the Bucket Bag


Fashion is always looking for new trends and looking back to history to ensure that they are able to stay ahead of the cutting edge. When you take look back, you can sometimes find a reference to a trend that is waiting to hit the market; this was the case with the bucket bags which was a small pouch with a drawstring closing mechanism. The bucket bag was the first bag that came out of the history and that meant that there were many new designers who used it to become a very distinct bag. A few of these designers included Saint Laurent and J. Crew.


In 2012, the bag was brought back by Mansur Gavriel, who took the back and transformed it into an instant success with colors and cuts of all styles. Gavriel also collected many of the older bags such as coach and then took them to the market to make them available for women who were not able to afford the high price tags of the designer bags. They were able to buy the bags that were older and vintage but still maintained an incredible logo as well as the designer colors of the bucket bag.


Where Does the Bucket Bag Come From?


When you look back in the American history, you will see that the bucket bag goes back to Bonnie Cashin, who was the modern creator of the bucket bag. Cashin was named the head designer in New York in 1962 so that she was able to bring back many new ideas and bags. Cashin held the position of the head designer from 1962 to 1974 and in that time period, she brought back the classic design of the bucket bag and ensured that it was possible for people to appreciate it and to love the colors and the options out there for the current bags that we all love today. There were many variations of the bucket bag that were part of the popular culture such as for Saks Fifth Avenue, and there was another that was designed by Hermes.


When you look at the origins of the bucket bag, you will see that there is a much longer history that goes back to the beaded satchel bags of the 1900s. These were always one of the most respected looks for women in that time period who used them to carry all manner of things including as a personal satchel. When you look back at the complete history of the bucket bag, it is possible to look back all the way to the period of the Roman period as well as the Renaissance, and you will be able to see that there are many options out there for you in the course of history.


It is easy to see that there are many new bags that are out there for you and that you will be able to find the perfect one that will allow you to compliment your wardrobe.