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Everything You Need to Know About Clutch Bags


Clutch bags are small women bags usually held in the hand or hang over the shoulder depending on the design. These bags are usually used to carry a small number of items including credit cards, a mobile phone and identification cards. Ever since its inception back in the Babylonian era, there have been many different designs of the clutch bag available. The bag even lost its popularity at some point in history but was reintroduced as fashion trends changed.


Read on to find out more about the history of this popular bag and how and where to wear it for the best effect.


The clutch bag and many other purse designs are thought to have been introduced back in the Babylonian era. During this era, purses similar to the clutch bag were used to carry money and other valuables by both men and women. The purses during this era were usually fastened to the owner’s belt. The bags were also used in a variety of religious ceremonies. Purses bearing a lot of resemblance to the clutch bag, in the name of reticules, were also seen in the 1800s women used them to carry around handkerchiefs and rice papers among other small items.

Clutch Bags


As the years went by, fashion trends ignored the clutch bag leaving to it to go out of fashion in the 19th century. However, this did not go on for long as it saw a massive resurgence during and after the Second World War. During this period, the small design which did not require a lot of materials to make and was favored over other larger designs. This popularity has continued to date, with women using it for various purposes. The clutch bag is used as an evening bag by most women. However, it can also be used for other daily purposes including running errands.


The clutch bag can be used to enhance a woman’s look by complementing her dress. This is especially so when chosen as an evening bag. It can be used to add color or contrast to the chosen dress. On the other hand, women can trade in their large more utilitarian bags for a clutch bag when attending evening events. When it comes to the right clutch bag, you will be more than amazed by the available variety; there are bags in different colors, designs and materials. Women looking for a perfect fit depending on their fashion needs are more than likely to find one.

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As you can see, clutch bags have been in existence for centuries. Their contribution to fashion, especially in these modern times is immeasurable. Since clutch bags tend to be quite affordable, most women own a number of bags as per their wardrobe requirements.