Clare V. Supreme Hair Calf

Clare V. Supreme Hair Calf 

Clare V. Supreme Hair Calf suited to an old lady? Not at all, any woman who can get hold of the Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Fold over Clutch would certainly agree that this model brings nothing but pure luxury. It was primarily designed in order to showcase its high-quality artisan leather. It is unfussy, simple, and adorned with 1.4k gold plated medallion, making it a great complement to any of your amazing outfits.

This option is available in different color options, as well as leather types in order to suit your whim, mood, preference and personality. As a clutch, it comes with dimensions of 11.5” x 11.5”, making it very convenient to use. You also have the choice to customize the monogramming from a set of select available colors. This option comes with an extra price, however.

Product Features

Each and every piece of the Clare V collection is unique. You can expect variations of natural fur being used. In this particular model, the spotted haircalf introduces an exotic touch to this pouch. At the same time, it comes with a top zip that can easily open its lined interior. A lot of women who have already purchased this clutch for their collection claim that the quality of this masterpiece has certainly met all expectations.

The Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Fold over Clutch can be considered as among those models that are popular among online bloggers. It is both high quality and versatile. It is definitely worth every penny spent. It comes at a price of $275, but you can be assured of all the benefits that you are expecting in this clutch style.

About the Designer

The designer of this collection is currently based in Los Angeles. The label was established in 2006 after the founder of the company was motivated to create a personal sleeve for her laptop because she couldn’t find any stylish option that meets her needs. With inspiration from famous French designers, these Clare V. bags are ultimately known because of their timeless chic and elegant functionality. In order to keep up with the high standard of the label, as well as its social consciousness and environmental obligations, each and every bag is created in California.

Is it For You?

The Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Fold over Clutch is perfect for women who prefer clutches over simple purses. They are available in different colors; even this particular style is available in Leopard hue. You will surely be able to find the best one that will not just meet your needs, but also one that can meet your preferences and style. Aside from being luxurious and chic, classy and elegant, it is also fully functional and highly durable at the same time.

Author: Tina

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