Furla Handbags: Fashionable and Reliable

Furla Handbags

Handbags make the life of women so much more convenient. Wherever women go, they carry a lot of stuff with them, but women do not only need bags to put their things in but also they use bags to compliment what they are wearing and to accent their personality as well.

That is why it is very important, to purchase a bag that has the ability to carry the  necessary things that a women needs and at the same time, it should be stylish enough to be partnered with any kind of clothing outfit in any season. This new handbag from Furla really fits the needs of every woman or lady.

Here are the details of the product:

Its width is 10.92 inches which are big enough to carry a phone, make up kit, handkerchief, comb, water bottle, some accessories and even an iPod.

The height is 7.8 inches, tall enough to make room for the things that needs to remain standing while it’s inside the handbag.

Its depth is 6.63 inches which is very reliable for keeping gadgets inside especially while you are running or doing some extreme movements while you are holding the Handbag, some people who use bags that are not deep enough, sometimes forgets to lock the zipper that they end up getting robbed.

The length of the handle is 14.82 inches; this kind of length is considered to be the right length not too long and too short to look awkward. The handle is double, so it is much more reliable even when you have some heavy things inside, it won’t break easily.

The zipper does not zip-around because the opening of the handbag is a little bit small, but, it is big enough to allow larger items inside it.

The only available color for this is black but there are two available accents: Blue and Green. There are a lot of benefits that you can receive from purchasing a black bag because the color can fit perfectly to any design and color the outfit of a girl is.

This bag can be available for only $173. This is not expensive at all when you count on all benefits this Furla Handbag gives you.

There are a lot of bags that are out on the market that are only stylish or fashionable in you think of it but not many have the ability to be reliable as well and cannot take care of the things that you will be needing while you are on business or at some important event or party, it is good to have a handbag that is both fashionable and reliable at the same time IMHO


Author: Tina

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