Heart Leather Cross Body Bag, Marc Jacobs

Heart Leather Cross Body Bag

Heart Leather Cross Body Bag


Women nowadays are very stressed out about almost everything, life, love, work, and money. That is the reason why most luxurious things were invented for the satisfaction of women because they truly deserve it.


One of the things that women often purchase are those beautiful handbags that best compliments their style, depicts their personality and enhance their beauty and class. A lot of women collect handbags because if the very reason that it makes them happy, and it’ll help them relieve stress. Despite of how much it cost, as long as they are satisfied with it.


One of the factors that women look for when it comes to handbags is its style and the confidence that it will add to their overall look. There is good news for women because Marc Jacobs released a stunning bag called the heart leather cross body bag for only $199.


It is a small sling bag with the shape of a heart that is perfect to be worn with dresses, and it is also very charming to wear for any event or even on a regular day.


Pros and Cons


This heart leather cross body bag is available in 3 stunning colors: Black, Cambridge red, and seashell peach although, it’s interior capacity is small because it was not designed to carry a lot but only small things that are good enough to carry a phone and small make-up kit.


This kind of Marc Jacobs’s bag is very versatile because it can be worn in 3 ways:


  • You can wear using its original style which is the cross body style.
  • You can also choose to sling it over.
  • You can also wear it in a tote bag style.



  • It is made from smooth leather.
  • It has a two-way zip-around zipper.
  • The strap is adjustable which makes it possible for you to use it in 3 different styles.
  • Made by Marc Jacobs.
  • And lastly, the materials and the item itself are imported.


Beautiful bags gives women a sense of satisfaction and gives them confidence to face the day.

Some people might think that spending a lot for this kind of things is being extravagant but always think otherwise, because purchasing this kind of items makes you feel good about yourself and buying a Marc Jacobs’s heart leather cross body bag is totally worth it.



Author: Tina

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