Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bag Review

Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bag

You will definitely exude with elegance when you are using the Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bags.  The product is made from calfskin and weighs at around 20 0z.  The turn lock, as well as the gold chains, will definitely catch your attention.  When it comes to color, the mix and match of the black and gold are unmistakable which makes this bag exhibits a really elegant look.  This is natural for a Michael Kors Bags as every single one of the bags from Michael Kors has the ability to capture the admiration and love of those who love bags due to its excellence mix of sporty and elegance layout.

Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bags Feature

The first thing that you will notice about the Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bags would be the exquisite combination of gold and black which will definitely fit any occasions.  The double gold chain adds grandiose and elegance that will make stand out during an important occasion.  Some people will recommend for you to use it during an important evening event and you will definitely agree with them.  But for those people who tend to dress classy and gorgeously during the day, you may wear it any time of the day.  If you are dressing in a more casual style, a small addition of this bag will create a fancier look.

Probably the first challenge was how to sell the product that cost $695 as there are other Michael Kors bags that are not as expensive but as functional and durable.  But the product became one of the most favorite of the clients as the bag find itself in the hand of the Hollywood A-lister.  The hype adds value to the bag but with its excellent style and smooth structure, it will surely be one of the most popular bags even without the hype.

The Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bags is not too little nor too big for you to carry around.  You have to agree that it is too difficult to find a bag that is just the right size.  But Michael Kors made that possible through this Vivan Flap bags.  Some luxury bag will make you feel like you have been ripped off due to the fact that it resembles an older style of a bag but not this one.  Although done in very discrete and minimalistic manner, this bag definitely has its own identity and unique style.

Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bags Verdict

Michael Kors may not have the tag price that not everyone can afford, but it is constantly gaining the attention and consideration of the larger portion of the populace.  The Michael Kors Vivian Flap Bags would be the perfect accessory for your evening occasion.  It will give you that elegance and sense of authority that is not over powering.

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