Prada Saffiano Wallet

PradaThis exemplary wallet with a lovely bow is manufactured using full Saffiano calfskin that comes with 10 card slots, 2 compartments with zippers that can be used to store the change and other stuff and numerous open compartments that are intended to hold your bills.  The Prada Saffiano Wallet has a larger capacity compared to the other wallet, and it is also ideal for regular use due to its unprecedented durability.  It has a strong resistance against wearing and tearing and only requires a small amount of maintenance.

This Prada wallet with Bow is available in the market in fragola pink that is so rare to find.  Here are the additional features of the Prada Saffiano Wallet.


Prada Saffiano Wallet Features


The Prada Saffiano Wallet is fully manufactured in Italy.  The dimension of this wallet bag measures at around 7.5×3.5×1 inches and comes with an assortment of hues that will truly give you that feminine look.  It is available in a snap closure system and an exterior pocket with a zipper.  On the interior part of the wallet, there are two open compartments that can store your bills or important papers.  It also has a compartment that has a zip.  You will find that there are 12 card slots where you can place your credit cards, ATM cards and debit cards.

Prada Saffiano Wallet

Prada is known for its durability that makes it ideal for daily use.  So you can expect that the Prada Saffiano Wallet also possess the same level of sturdiness.  It also has a high resistance against bleaching which guarantees that your Prada wallet will still look new even after long years of utilization.  Other designer wallet tends to have color transfers on the edges but not the Prada wallet.  It wears like an iron but without the corrosion issue, that is how tough it is.  The craftsmanship of Prada Saffiano Wallet is unparalleled with other designer wallet.  Other brands will immediately start to show some signs of lose stitches after a few months of use, the stitches of Prada will remain intact even after 15 months of use.

Prada Saffiano Wallet Inside ViewPrada Saffiano Wallet Inside View

The Prada Bow wallet is one of the best selling items by Prada due to its affordability and sturdiness.  In fact, even major retail stores and large online shop are commonly marked with a “Sold-out” notification.  Prada stores typically have few of the wallets left, but it is not that common to find a Prada store near you.  However in the event that you are planning to buy it, Prada stores will charge you at least $20 for the shipping and handling fee. See trhe above image for the Prada Saffiano Wallet Inside View


The Prada Saffiano Wallet is an item that offers both elegance and durability.  You may use it as a form of accessory during a special night event or during a casual occasion.





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