Rebecca Minkoff Nylon MAB Backpack

Rebecca Minkoff Nylon MAB Backpack


In today’s glamorous world, it seems that everybody just want to add to their style and glamour. For this very reason, we take measures in order to make sure that any bag we choose, as ladies, will certainly stand out among other others. This is also true when it comes to getting for you a backpack. After all, a lady does not have to bring a handbag all the time. Depending on an occasion, a backpack can also come in handy. One of the best options that are currently available these days is a Rebecca Minkoff Nylon MAB Backpack.

About the Brand

The name behind this product, Rebecca Minkoff, started with humble beginnings. After confirming that her passion is in the field of design, she moved to New York at a very early age of 18 in order to achieve her goal of becoming a designer. Prior to that, she had experiences while working at the costume department at her high school.

Minkoff reinvented the classic ‘I Love New York’ T-shirt, and introduced it as part of a capsule collection in 2001. That piece started everything. That same year, she was able to launch her own label, and eventually, in 2005, releasing her very first handbag collection, tagged as ‘Morning after Bag’ (MAB). She then decided to go back to her design roots, adding an apparel line under her lifestyle label. Finally, in 2010, she finally expanded her brand, now including footwear.

Product Features

This Rebecca Minkoff Nylon MAB Backpack comes with amazing style and features. It is presented in a sporty nylon and long zipper pulls. The shoulder straps are padded for your convenience and comfort. It is also equipped with a front pouch with a buckled pocket, along with a zip compartment. On the other hand, its lined interior comes with 4 pockets. It is also good enough for its size, with a height of 15 inches (38 cm), a length of 10.75 inches (27 cm), and depth of 5 inches (13 cm).

Is it a Good Option for You?

Saying that this Rebecca Minkoff Nylon MAB Backpack is stylish is an extreme understatement. Throughout the years, a lot of brand fanatics and users have reported their satisfaction with their purchases. This backpack is a combination of style, chic and overall quality. True, it may not be cheap, with a price of $195, but you will never be jeopardized when it comes to style.

Author: Tina

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