Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag Review

Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag

When a designer bag has a certain popular design, it will be difficult for them as well as the consumers to see them beyond that.  This is the common issue for the Balenciaga Bags.  Most of their design can be associated with Motorcycle bags.  They tried to push the edge when it comes to their layout, but most of the risky design created a mediocre result.  The same can be said for Valentino after they introduced the Rockstud bag.   However with the release of Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag, it seems that Valentino will once again capture the interest of the consumers through a design that is far from the traditional design.

Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag Feature

The Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag is a reminder for every bag lover that Valentino is more than just Rockstuds.  This bag is a work of art.  The first time you saw it, you will definitely understand its name.  The exterior layout is so complex, and the designer definitely spent a considerable amount of time in creating this.  It has a certain Latino touch that you will not find in any kind of designer bags.  Some of you might not be a fan of the red bag, but the Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag will change your mind.  If not it is also available in black colors.

It seems like Valentino is trying to pull away the attention of their clients to their traditional “Rockstud” design.  But they did it in a very subtle way that you can still tell that the bag is a Valentino.  The lavish, tonal channeling on the front board of the bag is as near calfskin filigree as anybody will presumably get, and the unobtrusively sumptuous treatment is an impeccable illustrative of the aesthetic of Valentino.

One of the most commendable parts of the Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag is it is designed not just to get attention but as a functional and dependable bag.  Sure, the aesthetic appeal of the bag will definitely be admired by anyone, but the materials together with the structure and sturdiness make it a very dependable bag.  It is not just a pretty bag, but it is also a sturdy bag. You rarely get those two features in one bag.

Unfortunately, the tag price of this bag is not for everyone.  It costs at around $4,595 and available in 2 colors with different features.  So if you have money to spare Valentino Intricate Soutache Bag has all the features that will make it worthy to be a part of your collection. Be wary of those online shops that will ask you at a lower price, most of them are just a sham, and you will not enjoy the amazing structure and sturdy feature that is the prime offering of this bag.

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