Luxury Bags

Luxury Bags

Understanding the History of Luxury Bags


There are a lot of people who are very fascinated with luxury bags. There are some who dedicate their life’s point of view by collecting these bags to satisfy themselves. For those people who spend riches for this kind of things, psychology believes that it gives some sort of stress relief, and it is a good way of entertainment to maintain sanity.


What is a luxury bag?


When people hear about luxury bags, they immediately think about expensive and fabulous bags. Although this is right, it is also good to think that these luxury bags aren’t just costly; it is also wise to think that these bags are made from the finest high quality materials that are meant to last for a long time.


These are being produced by well-known brands nowadays. Wherein a lot of women are very fond of buying, and there are also some who are fond of dreaming and saving for it. If you are interested in luxury bags, it is also important to know how these kinds of bags came into existence.


History of Luxury Bags:Luxury Bag


Purses were the first one to be invented. It was for the sole purpose of coins. Back then, there were no paper bills, and coins were very heavy to carry. Purses, at that time, were not only for ladies like today, it is also used by a lot of men.


It was in the 18th century wherein fashion has improved and people who tailor purses started adding designs and gems to improve the look of their purses. Women started collecting purses with different colors and designs to match their outfit especially with those are the member of the elite society.


But it was Samuel Parkinson who was able to order the very first production of luxury bags. The thing that has triggered him to order so is when he noticed that his wife needed a bigger bag for her things especially when traveling.


That was the time where bigger bags existed and since the wife of Samuel Parkinson doesn’t need to settle with simple bags, those set of bags that were made for her was made from the finest materials and was designed very fashionably.

luxury shoulder bag


These very first set of luxury bags are can now be seen in the museum of bags and pouches in Amsterdam. It was in 1940 where luxury bags were officially manufactured.


Most commonly, these bags being made from the exotic animal skin which explains why it can be very expensive but when you believe that this is worth the shot, and you truly deserve it,  you and luxury bags can be the best of friends.