Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

Ubrique By Carlssons Amazing initial shopping bag line

The History of Shopping Bags


Shopping bags are something that we all take for granted as we use them every day almost and have them in every context. There have been many new revolutionary changes in the ways that we use bags as well recently as well since many of the newer shopping bags are recyclable and can be used over and over again. There are many new green shopping bags out there that can be used over and over again.

Where Did Shopping Bags Come From?

shopping bags

Ubrique By Carlsson


There was a small business store in St. Paul, Minnesota run by a man named Walter H. Deubner. After running the store for many years, he was looking for a way to increase his sales. Walter watched his customers for many months and realized that the reason that people were limiting their purchases was because they were limited to what they could hold. For that reason, he wanted to provide them with a way that they would be able to buy more. He provided them with a solution that was easy to use and that allowed them to carry up to 75 pounds of groceries. He created a fabricated plastic sack that was then called the “Deubner Shopping Bag”. He then started selling the backs to his customers for 5 cents a pop and he help the patent for three years before it was opened up to the general populace. Once the patent was opened, he was selling over 1 million shopping bags per year.


What Were The Early Stages of Shopping Bags?


When the early bags were being created and designed they were flat and had a twisted cone and two straps that leather shopping bagallowed for easy carrying. There was a simple construction of the bags that meant that there were two side seams as well that were available with a side and then a bottom seam. The bags with the extended sides allowed for there to be an expansion as well that would allow it to open more. There were many of the other bags that were out there with a square bottom, these were some of the earliest shopping bags. There were three main shopping bags designs out there that were the basics that have continued to grow, and these made the patterns of the basic shopping bags we use today.


The earliest shopping bags machines made them by folding and pasting a flat tube of paper in a differing size of lengths and widths. On each bag, there is a side that is pasted by hand. When it came to later shopping bags machines, they handled all of the processes and made it easy to fabricate shopping bags in bulk. There were many kinds as well that were used with all of the handles and that also meant that there was a need for there to be a cord that was passing through the washers on either side of the back. The cord ran up and down the length of the bag and then allowed for there to be two separate handles.

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